Tap Repair Services From Martin House Plumbing

Tap Repairs New MiltonHere at Martin House Plumbing, I offer tap repairs to clients throughout New Milton and the surrounding areas. I have a real passion for what I do and I feel that this shows in every single one of the tap repair services that I offer in and around New Milton and the surrounding areas. As a New Milton-based plumber, I am fully insured and I pride myself on the high quality of my work. I will assist you with the tap repairs that I carry out, cover any tap repair options there may be, and always make sure to fit the right products for the job. If you’d like additional information on the tap repairs that I offer, be sure to get in touch with me today. I’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way I possibly can.

What I Cover

I cover a wide range of issues that may occur with problematic taps, which is why I’ve decided to outline a few of the key ones below. Some of the main tap problems I cover include:

  • Leaking Taps
  • Dripping Tap Repair
  • Tap Deterioration
  • Broken Washers

If I’m unable to repair the tap, I’m able to supply and install a new tap for you, if you wish me to do so.

The Types of Taps

There are generally and most commonly three types of tap valve: washer type, ceramic disc and single lever valve. These can all be different according to the brand, model and tap style. Some taps can be repaired with standard generic parts such as ordinary tap washers, others need brand specific spares. There are many tap types and styles including mono-bloc mixer, deck mixer, pillar taps, 3 hole, wall mounted, bridge mixer, bath shower mixer, thermostatic mixer etc. These can be in various styles like contemporary, traditional, Edwardian, with single lever, twin lever, smooth handles, cross head taps etc., however they will typically all have 1 of the 3 types of valve (there are others) as in the tap valve types above. They will then be model specific types such as Sink taps, basin taps, bath taps, bidet taps. So there are many permutations of tap but most can be quickly and successfully overhauled either with parts carried in stock or some may need to be ordered. It really depends upon the particular product in hand. This is where you need an expert plumber to know the best options for your particular tap.

Why Choose Me for Tap Repairs In New Milton?

There are many different reasons to choose Martin House Plumbing when you require tap repairs in the New Milton area. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Professional Team – I’m very professional when it comes to providing tap repairs in New Milton, and I strive to achieve perfection with every single one of the tap repairs that I provide.
  • Very Trustworthy – At Martin House Plumbing, I’m very trustworthy when it comes to providing tap repairs in New Milton, which allows you to rest easy with the knowledge that you’re in good hands.
  • Highly Experienced – As a tap repair specialist, I’m highly experienced, which allows me to carry out the best tap repairs in New Milton.
  • Cost Effective – I offer cost effective tap repairs to clients in and around the New Milton area, which allows you to call upon Martin House Plumbing to repair your tap, regardless of your budget.

Call Martin House Plumbing for Tap Repairs in New Milton

If you’re based in New Milton or the surrounding areas and you require additional information on the tap repairs that I offer as a tap repair specialist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today. I’m always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding your taps and the tap repair services that I offer.

I also offer tap repairs throughout Lymington.